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Telepathy Theory


The Science of Telepathy

 There are many uncomfortable facts, and much unaccepted science, hidden under dust covers.  Removing these covers has revealed the missing essence of the natural world.

        Most scientists regard telepathy as obviously quite impossible –but at the same time many people believe that they have had some sort of mind-to-mind experience.  It is possible to reconcile these two positions ?

       Some people will admit to being open minded about this, while others happily accept that there must be some explanation for the evidence, although others insist that the evidence must be fraudulent, because “it can’t happen – therefore it doesn’t happen”.

        But if it does happen there are major consequences for Darwin’s theory of evolution, in which he proposed that random mutations and the survival of the fittest are the explanation for evolution, where a far more acceptable explanation is suggested here, based on telepathic transmission and guided evolution.  Modern science, particularly the Genome Project’s, have put doubts on the acceptability of Darwin’s theory, whereas science has been unable to accept telepathy so it has not seen this possible explanation for evolution. 

       This paper discusses the evidence from many areas of knowledge which appears to show both how and why the mechanism of telepathy is a fact of life, making use of a carrier of which little is known.  I use the word ‘little’ deliberately as there is evidence of a carrier, but that evidence is generally unacceptable to science as it has no explanation and relates to no known science.

        It seems that telepathy is the byproduct of a perfectly natural part of biology which controls the growth of body and mind, and which happens between the members of all species.  For many it’s beyond belief but the science of telepathy tells us that apparently there is a carrier everywhere around us, working rather like the carrier that operates our cell phones, which evolution has made use of, to send and receive messages that controls the growth of all living things.  Without this carrier there would only be single cell creatures.  Evidence from two separate scientific reports outlines the detail of this carrier which perfectly fits 50 years of separate scientific work by the Russians.  Furthermore this study shows the way scientific anomalies in biology, astrology, astronomy, parapsychology and particle physics, may all be understood in terms of a bold new scientific approach to the available evidence. A study of the relationship between biology and telepathy is the logical starting point to examine this new science.



     One of the major difficulties for biology is that there is no acceptable explanation for the organisation of plant or animal growth.  A biologist, Dr Rupert Sheldrake, published ‘A New Science of Life’ in 1981 in which he said, “Major problems of biology remain unsolved” and gave evidence, in biological terms, of the difficulties in exploring regulation and regeneration of things like flatworms and sea urchins.  His book proposed that some sort of field, which he called a morphogenetic field, that would cause cells to self organise, then to organise growth from a cell into an animal; also instinctive behaviour and inheritance could similarly be organised, at a distance, between members of a species as part of nature.  This suggested that the species information for growth of body and mind is guided, repeated and propagated in some mysterious way across space.  This was not a new idea, but at the end of the book, on page 201, he suggested that it might account for telepathy.  Since that time he has tried to promote the idea that telepathy exists due to these morphogenetic fields and morphic resonance. 

       My view has always been rather different.  In 1977 I presented a paper entitled ‘A Rationale linking Biology with Psi’ to an SPR International Conference, which said much the same as Sheldrake and others before us, but it fell on deaf ears.  I suggested that the helix of DNA acted like an aerial to send and receive information between members of a species that accounted for growth, instinct and inheritance as well as telepathy, between members of the species.  This ‘aerial’ would not act by transmitting the signal so much as superimposing the message on a passing carrier in the same way that a piece of green glass turns white light into green light which will then be seen as green light, perhaps a hundred miles away.  This I termed Cytotelesis.  But I was not able to suggest a carrier, other than electromagnetic waves of some sort, which probably was unlikely.

        For the last 25 years Rupert Sheldrake has investigated telepathy, in order to support his hypothesis of morphogenetic fields and formative causation, with considerable recent success.  His book ‘The Sense of Being Stared At’ published 2003, gives many anecdotal accounts of telepathy but also some statistically very significant tests of telepathy between friends and family as well. 

       Sheldrake’s most significant human mind-to-mind results are  telephone telepathy tests where a subject receives calls from any one of four friends or family;  watch The Nolan Sisters video.  The results of 854 tests gave an average of 42% rather than the 25% expected from chance results.  Statistical analysis, of this set of calls, gave the likelihood of achieving this level of success as one in a billion billion billion sets of trials (10 with 26 zeros after it) yet scientific researchers, and parapsychologists of the SPR, show little interest!



        Any belief in telepathy is difficult.  In the past tests to ‘prove’ telepathy have been carried out many times, to be authenticated and reported by the SPR, but these card and picture guessing tests have generally been done between a supposed sender and receiver going into trance in adjacent rooms. Individually these tests were largely unsuccessful, as it has now been shown that telepathy is only likely between close relatives or friends.  More recently telepathy using a trance technique known as Ganzfeld, and other methods and techniques, has very often shown statistically significant test results.

         It is very difficult to get the right conditions in any sort of demonstration or test, but the scientific method has been applied to telepathy experiments many times, leading to very statistically significant test results, even though experimental repeatability is not assured. Apparently there are various factors that influence the likelihood of telepathy.  One is a common concept or focus, and another is stress.  A bond of trust, understanding and emotion is also identified as a trigger for telepathy, so it generally happens between friends and family but with one notable exception which will be discussed later.

        There also appears to be some underlying reason why telepathy tests can be successful on some occasions, but not others – perhaps 15 to 20 % of the time.  This is my own observation which I have spent much time trying to resolve by comparing successful telepathy with the phases of the moon and tidal movements, but to no avail, although you’ll find the answer a few pages on and this strange fact is a key to unravelling the science of telepathy.

The first question we have to ask ourselves is, Why.  Why is it that occasionally we notice this transmission from mind-to-mind, otherwise known as telepathy?  The question is answered if it is accepted that the information of growth, instinct, heredity and personality are received telepathically, or as Sheldrake put it, by morphic resonance or formative causation, as an essential part of the ‘science of life’.  

      Many years ago Sheldrake made the case, from a biologist’s point of view, that the DNA model for growth and instinct is untenable and that morphogenetic fields have to be part of the answer, which could be the reason Why we experience telepathy.  This mechanism could well be the way in which all life has evolved but a belief necessitates careful thought and imagination while questioning the conventional views regarding the function of DNA in growth, form, and the origin of instinctive information. 

        This seems to be an impossible scenario utilising some completely unknown mechanism, but the alternative idea, which is accepted by neo-Darwinian scientists, is that all the information to form a human being, complete with brain, mind and personality, is written into his DNA.  This, I suggest, is an even more impossible scenario with the truth being a combination of the two.  Rather than thinking of DNA as just our personal library, it helps to regard it as a personal password into a world wide web or a species code enabling information transfer by means of some carrier to enable morphogenesis.

       It seems then that almost all telepathy is subliminal and goes on quietly behind the scenes; it being a biological necessity as pointed out by Rupert Sheldrake. The evidence points to the fact that this happens mainly in REM dreaming, and during the development of a foetus. 

        But evolution has allowed us conscious telepathy under a few circumstances, and normally between close relatives and friends, for example telephone telepathy when the brain-to-brain flow of information occasionally leaks into mind as the phone bell rings.  Nicola Tesla who was one of the world’s greatest scientists reported an example of this many years ago. He became disturbed and ill when away lecturing, while his mother was dying, although he did not know it until he received a telegram. That night after an emotional dream, he said ‘It was in that instant of certitude, which no words could express; it came upon me that my mother had just died.  And that was true….’

       There are cases where an apparently normal visit, or even an imagined telephone call, will be made by a relative; when that relative has just died!  Apparently the emotions of dying are received telepathically, as in the case of Nicola Tesla, but occasionally a perfectly plausible hallucination or ghost is experienced at the time of the death.

       Anecdotal evidence, in cases such as these, suggest that we have evolved the possibility of telepathy where there is emotion and need, or during dreaming and REM.  Freud was sure that dreaming was related to telepathy but dare not publish his findings for fear of ridicule. 



        Studies of telepathic dreaming at the Maimonides sleep laboratory, during hundreds of trials lasting six years, showed that the success in receiving images by telepathy, from randomly selected pictures viewed by another person was better than 1 in 75 million.

        Parapsychology has tried to make sense of these telepathic experiences that are mainly related to emotion. Mediumship is a good example where dissociated concentration on an astrological chart, the palm of a hand or tarot cards sometimes allows the medium to reach the subconscious of the sitter.  Here the use of a chart, cards or even a crystal ball, gives a common concept and focus to the minds of medium and sitter; simultaneously.  A spiritualist medium makes contact with the sitter’s emotional feelings of bereavement, by telepathy, via his own feelings of bereavement that he equates with a 'spirit world' or 'guide'.  Apparently the emotions of bereavement are the common focus.  But telepathy is possible under hypnosis and was used by Edgar Cayce to give personal information and medical diagnosis during 14,000 documented unconscious trances.

      But there is also unconscious telepathy, registered by modern scientific methods in the receiver’s brain, where measurable and recorded changes in brain function have been associated with unconscious telepathy.

      A study entitled ‘Evidence for Correlations between Distant Intentionality and Brain Function in an fMRI Experiment’, reported in the Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine 2005 Vol.11, shows that shamanic healers could affect the blood flow in emotional areas of the brain of subjects with whom they had a close emotional bond: – at a distance!  In other words the healing caused a change in brain state by unconscious telepathy, as dictated by a randomised protocol, and gave odds against chance of 1000:1

        There have been very many studies, and at least 20 published papers on the measurable effects of unconscious telepathy, that shows it has been demonstrated, incontrovertibly, as a fact of life.  It follows therefore that there MUST be an explanation for all this, however unlikely it may seem.  These modern studies have been carried out with scrupulous thoroughness: it is clearly unreasonable to say ‘It can’t happen, therefore it doesn’t happen’.  The accumulated evidence of telepathy, which is huge to say the least, has been analysed and documented, systematised and brought under general principles, to the point that is it is clearly a science.

        But no amount of evidence is understandable or acceptable until we can see a way in which information could possibly be carried from brain-to-brain, mind-to-mind or cell-to-cell. How could this be possible?        The research work, into why telepathy is at times much more likely than at other times, has at last paid off and this gives us a very good start in discovering how telepathy is carried. 

A British-born physicist James Spottiswoode, who is the director of research at a Cognitive Science Laboratory in California, addressed this problem some years ago.  He discovered that, as had been suspected, there were times of day when telepathy was many times more likely than at other times but that this time of day moved in a regular way during the year.  This shows us that telepathy is locked to the earth’s rotation relative to the cosmos rather than rotation relative to the sun.  Astrologers and astronomers refer to this basis for time measurement as local sidereal time, or LST, which only corresponds to normal local clock time once a year.  There are 365 solar days in a year but 366 sidereal days.


        Spottiswoode reports his examination of 2,879 telepathy tests, mainly in the trance state of Ganzfeld, and shows that telepathy occurred, up to 4 times the average, over a period of four hours peaking at 13.5hr LST, but he was not able to offer any explanation for this very fundamental and profound discovery.        So we have seen a connection between telepathy and the cosmos that was studied and reported scientifically.  What does this mean?  Surely, there really must be something from space that is responsible for the telepathic transmission, which explains the mechanism of growth, bodily repair and instinctive behaviour during REM sleep, that is also responsible for occasional telepathic transmission in the Ganzfeldt.

       The question then arises, is there anything else that we know about, linking some emission from space with instinct, personality and character?

        A scientific investigation, that has stood the test of time, peer review and replication, was made by Michel Gauquelin.  He discovered an unaccountable link between astrological birth time and personal temperament leading to a likely career.  He discovered that there is an observable, but remarkable, correlation between heredity and astrological birth time, which was reported in his book ‘Cosmic Influences on Human Behaviour’, published 1973.  This discovery, which was only a new way of looking at the fundamentals of astrology, has been replicated several times but is too way-out to be acceptable unless a method could be seen by which it fitted into a general picture linking astrology to human temperament and behaviour; but in some way connected with instinct and telepathy.  And this is exactly what we now see.  We have seen that human temperament, instinct and behaviour could be transmitted by telepathy to a human foetus, and also that telepathy is linked to some unknown cosmic radiation.

       Gauquelin showed that heredity is not only taken from parents and family but also from the group of people, with the same cosmic circumstances, as noted by the astrology of the 4 nearest planets.  It is not that the time of birth alters the inheritance, as is normally indicated by astrologists, but that the telepathic influence on the foetus from the group of people with the same cosmic circumstances, alters the inherited characteristics of the individual, while it causes a common astrological birth time.

      These results were obtained by comparing the birth times of over 36,000 people, comparing that of parents with their children, relative to the rising of the 4 major planets.  Also, studies were made of prominent famous people comparing their birth time with the rise of the associated planet.  For example: 1,352 writers were associated with the Moon, and similarly, 2,088 sports champion’s birth times were dominated by Mars.  Also, Saturn and Jupiter were associated with people having the temperament of scientists and actors.

       While all this seems absurd, and the stuff of fiction running counter to science, it is the basis for the oldest science known to man; that of Astrology.  Personal, ‘readings from the stars’ by an astrologer, which I suggest are received by telepathy, have generally been treated with disdain.  Similarly Gauquelin’s work has been attacked by the sceptics as being ridiculous and impossible.  Unfortunately he had a problem in that the effect varied with the eminence in a particular profession, which is to be reasonably expected.  He graded his data accordingly, publishing only the most eminent soldiers born under Mars.  This of course looked suspiciously like data selection, which the skeptics seized upon and immediately condemned all his results, but in fact the Gauquelin effect was still there and was proportional to the rated eminence, which in retrospect was what could be expected.  See: Scottish SPR. Psi Report 169 p3-6.  In not predicting this situation Gauquelin had made a serious error, but the damage had been done; and he committed suicide. 

        He had suggested that an unborn child appears to be programmed to time its own birth for the moment when instinctive behaviour and help is needed, by using hormones, as its chosen planet appears over the horizon.    Could it be that this peak is caused in the same way as the peak of telepathic reception noted by Spottiswoode?  This seems very likely as they both discovered an apparent source of radiation from the heavens, which appears for only four hours for some strange reason, but surprisingly, they discovered this from entirely different data.  An unlikely coincidence, I suggest.   In fact it seems a really impossible coincidence, which makes the point that some sort of radiation from space is a carrier of telepathy.

        Regarding the peak as a planet is rising; the evidence suggests that telepathy could be carried by a horizontal radiation, which only lasts for about four hours.  After this time the earth would have rotated 60° so the radiation would no longer be horizontal.

        Perhaps now we should look to find the cosmic source of radiation, which gives telepathy in ganzfeld, in the direction of stars that are rising at 13.5 hr LST.  If we look in this direction we see the galactic centre of the Milky Way, that we are told, contains untold millions of stars with their planetary systems.  The carrier of telepathy has to be some powerful unknown flux from the aether of space.



        Any study of the aether shows a confused situation.  In 1909 the concept went out of fashion when Einstein said that the idea was “unnecessary”, but 11 years later he said, “space without aether is unthinkable”.  Physicists have found it impossible to reconcile the forces of gravity and electro-magnetism while trying to understand the aether.  But recently the concept, of free spinning electrons that exist between the atoms of all matter as well as throughout space, could well solve the physicist’s dilemma.  But apparently, we just don’t know! 

        It seems fairly clear that something very strange happens to these free electrons or mass particles when a planet circles a star.  The forces of gravity and rotational inertia combine continuously and the evidence of telepathy points to the result being some special type of particle or electron, or whatever it is.  The power involved in keeping a planet orbiting a star is immense.  In the case of the Earth it is 14,000 billion horsepower, so it is conceivable that something happens to the electrons or particles concerned, perhaps some are made to spin, and importantly, it seems that they radiate from all planets. The energy holding a planet in orbit has to go somewhere, so some of it causes spinning particles which radiate out into space.


This is not an unreasonable idea as the evidence points to there being some sort of emission from planets.  Several lines of evidence, and the noted effects that they have, point to spinning particles being a missing link in science which apparently has something to do with telepathy and a fundamental mechanism of biology.  Is it conceivable then, that the spin is coded when passing through DNA, and that this message is carried to DNA to be decoded, similar to the way white light is converted to green when passing through green glass, to be seen perhaps a hundred miles away as green light?

        Man is only beginning to learn the science of gravity, inertia and magnetism; we only know what we can see, and if we look at the evidence of telepathy, we can see that there is also something weird of which we still have a lot to learn.  The evidence points to the peak of telepathy, in Ganzfeld tests at 13.5hr LST, being due to the horizontal movement of the flux from the Milky Way. Similarly, the peak of telepathic information and birth of a child is at the time of horizontal movement of a flux as a planet is rising.  This planet is decided by inheritance from one or both parents.

      Having decided by logical analysis that the rotation of planets causes telepathy, I looked to see if there was any published information regarding spin and a flux in the aether, AND I WAS AMAZED !



        For the last 50 years Russian scientists have studied many experimentally observed anomalies in the fields of particle physics, astronomy, biology, and gyroscope studies, none of which could be explained by existing scientific theories any more than magnetism, gravity, or inertia. Apparently these are all related to spin and torsion fields, whatever they are, but they have not been accepted as science as they have not yet been understood.  There have inevitably been a few fraudulent claims in this field as there has been insufficient scientific scrutiny, which has led to it all being branded as unscientific nonsense by the west; but this is certainly not reasonable.  One of the problems is that the results are unreliable as if the originating flux is variable; which to me would be expected.

      There is a really weird set of theories and experiments, which demonstrate that Newtonian mechanics does not apply to gyroscopes, or large spinning masses like planets, which are just large gyroscopes. These torsion fields interact with cones, pyramids and magnetism, even producing biological effects and a variation in measured gravity, but no theoretical explanation has been found to explain these amazing observations of fact, although every new finding and every new paper brings the understanding closer.  See www. Nachalov, Sokolov.  Torsion: Experimental investigation of new long-range actions.

       Also see, Torsion Fields-theory of physical vacuum-Shipov and Heim. But the west’s view is demonstrated in Wikipedia which said that torsion fields are a “pseudo scientific concept…. full of scientifically nonsensical statements”.  Well, clearly many think so, but the fact is that I personally deduced what the Russian physicists have been saying for years, by looking logically at the evidence of telepathy !  Surely, that cannot be coincidence or wishful thinking.  Torsion fields ARE the carrier of telepathy, by which all creatures evolved to live?  We need to spread the word both by pointing out that torsion fields are NOT a “pseudoscientific concept” and that scientists must now take up the challenge that presents itself.  The science of torsion fields is vastly more interesting and challenging than could be presented here.

       Torsion fields can be generated by any of five methods but they also appear naturally.  Physical, chemical or biological indicators can detect these fields, and they can promote interaction between cells in two sealed cultures or between two animals. They also accelerate the speed of chemical reactions, can alter the structure of substances and sometimes can have a memory. Consequently, various Patents have been taken out for torsion devices in many countries.  There are references to improved meditation and telepathy.       

     The spinning particles of free electrons have a field known as a torsion field.  In a planet their spin is caused by the opposition of inertia and gravity.  The evidence shows that some of these particles fly out into space to provide a constant source of spinning atomic particles or torsion fields which life on earth has used to its advantage..  A combination of the known facts, and a little conjecture, makes it clear that the spinning field of the particles becomes encoded with information in a very similar way to the way that electromagnetic waves can be encoded with information, in heat, light, radio waves, microwaves and X rays etc.; either by frequency or amplitude modulation.  .  This suggests a scientific likelyhood that coiled DNA and cellular information becomes encoded into these passing spinning fields to be decoded into similar DNA; at a distance.  This of course looks like science fiction, but it accords with the known facts of biology and telepathy, opening up a fascinating new avenue for science which has never been properly examined before.  I am old and experienced enough to resist the inevitable outrage of unimaginative scientists.  Sheldrake's book "A New Science of Life" was heralded as the book for burning by the then editor of the New Scientist in 1981.

        But of course the earth itself is a planet and produces its own spinning particles that appear everywhere on earth and which could carry information when moving..  It is this movement that gives rise to the reported peak in telepathy at 13.30 LST and the correlation between different types of people with the sudden appearance of a particular planet over the horizon.  In what way the earth’s flux is affected by an external flux is not clear but it may be that it is repelled by the appearance of a similar flux from space, in the same way that magnetic fields oppose; but alternatively the external flux may pass through the earth's flux, which I am inclined to think is the case.  The evidence shows that movement is caused by a planet appearing over the horizon; and this particle movement carries the biological messages of morphogenesis, sometimes causing telepathy.  Morphogenesis appears to be more in the realms of miracles than science until we invoke telepathy as the causal agent.

       The question arises, is there any corroborative evidence to support my theory, which on the face of it is beyond credulity?  But the more we look – the more we find.  One can visualise a carrier that we cannot feel or yet understand but which carries the vital information from cell-to-cell.  An examination of the evidence appears to show that information for the organisation of growth, at DNA level, is impressed on this carrier.  Information is then available to similar DNA, chromosomes and cells, in another body as the carrier spins through it.  Where a rapport exists between persons, the relevant brain cells appear to pass unconscious thought information, via that same mechanism.  This incredible hypothesis requires a modus-operandi.



        Some scientists claim to have discovered the carrier, which is based on the work of research that goes back over 50 years.  Russian physicists are studying atomic particles called inertons which can be focussed, collected and metered.  Papers about this have been written by Dr. Krasnoholovets  a theoretical physicist in the Ukraine, but it is mainly about a man-made machine, which collects inertons, that we can all identify as a pyramid!  The Russians have measured an inerton power level of 8 times normal in their large pyramid and 3 times normal in a 2m high pyramid.  These pyramids, many of which have been built of fibreglass in Russia, are similar in shape and orientation to those built many thousands of years ago in Egypt at Giza; and appear to have the same properties!  All pyramids collect inertons or flux coming vertically from underneath, or from a horizontal flow, which become trapped within it. This produces an ionized column above a large pyramid, which can be seen on radar ascending for several miles.

      Evidence from several directions indicates that the quartz of the facing material, and the internal limestone, was the active element.  An earlier pyramid was faced with granite containing 55% quartz.

        Quartz, as well as glass which is mainly quartz, seems to trap the flux produced from the combination of gravity and inertia.  If we have a pyramid containing quartz a strong flux becomes trapped within it.  A block of granite, which contains quartz crystals, will act as an accumulator if placed inside the pyramid, and if subsequently removed, it will emit the flux carrying its biological messages.


       It is the sharp six sided quartz crystals, which appear in granite, quartzite, sometimes in limestone or sharp sand, that store our mysterious flux and carries biological information.  All round the world the presence of quartz in the soil appears to scatter the carrier, which produces a general low level of radiation in all directions over the surface of the earth. The evolving science of telepathy indicates that spinning particles are able to carry digital information from cells to other cells, of the same species, causing them to divide in the correct manner to form life.




       There now follows further evidence and discussion on a host of very different topics, all linked to telepathy, offering a new approach to its understanding.  It is only by acknowledging these connections between such different topics that we may see an overall picture emerge.  This evidence and discussion is a much reduced and paraphrased version of that appearing in a recently published book “Sublimity” by Richard Alabone. 



        The internal arrangements of the Great Pyramid have for a long while been the subject of controversy.  The pyramid was seemingly designed to trap and utilise a mysterious carrier, or inertons as named by the Russian physicists.  Their fibreglass pyramid near Moscow, which is 140 ft high, improves the quality of bottled water, increases the harvest from treated grain, preserves food, boosts the immune system of mice, and affects the growth of crystals for example the sharpness of the edge of a razor blade and the formation of ice.

   Dr. Krasnoholovets reports on the many effects of inertons and their strange relationship with glass or quartz.  Studies have been done which show that the germination of grain is increased, by 20 to 100% by comparison with controls, where the grain is placed in a pyramid for a few days.  But amazingly, this effect is the same when granite blocks, removed from the pyramid, are placed in fields planted with grain. It seems that granite accumulates inertons when in the pyramid, which are released when that granite is placed in a field enhancing the germination of seeds. 

        By considering the known facts about telepathy we are able to come to some conclusions.  There is a constant unconscious telepathic contact, between the members of each species which is an essential part of our biology, but this contact can sometimes appear into consciousness in various ways, sometimes as a transfer of thought, information, a vision, or just a feeling.  It is more likely between friends or relatives, and when there is stress, trauma or emotion.  Also, the evidence of mind-to-mind shows that the minds need to be still, in a meditative, quiet or trance state, sometimes known as the dream state.

      For most of us there is an effective barrier or inhibition against noticing any mind-to-mind thought transfer but a few people occasionally notice a telepathic event.  It seems that this is more likely to happen when the earth’s flux is flowing horizontally, driven by planetary radiation, although telepathy can happen at almost any time especially in those who lack the inhibition, for example spiritual mediums.

     As mentioned previously, telepathy offers an explanation for psychic mediumship.  A well-known medium, Colin Fry, who broadcasts regularly on TV, admitted to me recently that he has always been telepathic with family and friends, but he believes that all the personal details of his sitter’s emotional memories of grief for departed family, are from a ‘spirit world’, rather than him receiving these details by telepathy!  But it would seem that he obtains a temporary telepathic rapport, with non-family, by means of a common bond, focussing on the emotion of bereavement, that he is able to achieve by accessing his own past feelings of grief.  Spiritual mediumship relies entirely on getting personal information from those in grief, giving us the best and most reliable demonstration of telepathy that can be found anywhere. 

      The great and famous psychic medium, Eileen Garrettwho was aware of her telepathic abilities, was tested for ESP using Zener cards and was shocked and astounded to learn that she showed no ability whatsoever. She had to go away and think about it.  She realized that there was no interest or emotion in Zener card reading so what she needed to do was to get an emotional connection to the mind of the sender. When she did that, she got good results in Zener card tests.

       The strange art of dousing for water, works by unconscious detection of a layer of quartz crystals. Although we think of dowsing as devining for water or minerals it is probably just the presence of the associated quartz crystals that is detected.  Another form of dowsing allows a diviner to telepathically find missing objects or people and detect medical conditions by sometimes using a small pendulum swinging at Alpha or Theta mind frequencies to initiate trance. 

        We have seen that inertons or mass particles, the carrier of telepathy, may be stored temporarily in the quartz of stone by continual reflection.  Similarly, it seems that this carrier of emotional memories is stored in the stone of some buildings that are sometimes picked up later by sensitive people.  These sounds and visions, which are received by telepathy, are referred to as ghosts!   It could be that these telepathic messages are reinforced every time someone has a ghostly surprise making it all self-perpetuating.  Perhaps it’s not surprising then, that we occasionally see monsters at Loch Ness and Ben Macdui, which are both in areas of granite.

       This connection between quartz and haunting is certainly not just my own idea; quite the contrary.  In the book ‘Psychic quest – episodes from the life of a ghost hunter’, by Natalie Osborne–Thomason, she says on P147 “The most common type of ghost is the stone tape-recording” and on the next page she even says “Bricks and stone contain quartz” so ghost hunters have established a connection, quite independently, between quartz and telepathic haunting.

       Then there are many documented cases of telepathy from hospitals where someone, under anaesthetic, has knowledge of what is going on and remembers looking down on himself as if out of the body (an OBE).  This knowledge is telepathically received from a member of the operating team.  Similarly a patient, who dies and is resuscitated, sometimes knows what went on while his heart was stopped.  This is known as a near death experience (NDE) and is explained by telepathy; although Dualists and Spiritualists claim that this is evidence of mind being out of the body.

       Both these cases are examples of telepathy, due to heightened emotion, of both the patient and a member of the operating, or resuscitating, team.

        New work on the science of manufacturing computer silicon memory chips has led to the discovery that the introduction of spinning electrons into the chip slice considerably improves the performance.  Using this new engineering science at quantum level, known as Spintronics, a thin silicon wafer is bombarded with polarized silicon electrons. The science required to understand the way inertons work is perhaps related to Spintronics.

     The paper by Nacholov and Sokolov, which summarizes what is known about torsion fields and particle spin, refers to strange studies reported in over 80 different papers dating back over 100 years which shows that an enormous amount is already known of that subject, but never has it been brought together as the governing factor of all life.

      I was bothered by one important central aspect of all this for quite a while which seemed to have no possible answer.  What is it that makes the radiation from our four major planets individually different, resulting in four different types, or subspecies, of people having notably different personalities and a likely career choice?  Also, why is the Milky Way radiation not associated with a particular type of person, or personality?

        We have seen that the flux carries biological information from DNA to DNA within a species, so it may well be that four groups of DNA are associated with the four spin speeds which emanate from the four planets, as well as time of riseing of the planets.  To me, this logically explains the way in which the planets affect personality, likely career and birth time, but at the same time it explains why it is that the multiple fluxes associated with the Milky Way are not related to a particular DNA but only to general telepathy.  Time and time again, in studying telepathy, I found that answers could be found for difficult questions which all helped to fill the gaps in the puzzle.  From this it may be predicted that telepathy would be more likely between people born under the same planet; but this has not yet been examined.  Clearly all these new ideas are outside the normal framework of science, but I believe they fit alongside accepted science: thus extending the framework of science.      This is all about telepathy between members of humanity, but telepathic information can sometimes be passed across the species barrier.  Evolution has evolved the sense of being stared at, across the species barrier, for animals that are being preyed upon, as an aid to their survival. Similarly, telepathy between friends and family, within a species, is an aid to their survival, as we see in humans. But we do also see a combination of these two evolved systems in that telepathy is sometimes possible between friends, across the species barrier, between pets and humans.  Examples are dogs who knowwhen their owners are coming home.



       Since Darwin's time it has been agreed that the effect of natural selection on variations and mutations is the driving force for evolution.  Changes in the habits and form of animals in the wild, due to changes in circumstances, can be seen to become hereditary over a short period of time in evolutionary terms,which gives rise to traits and varieties, tribes, races, strains or breeds.  From this we can deduce that changes in instinct and form happen quickly, and that Darwin’s idea, that they are only changed by random mutations over millions of years, is just not supportable. But 150 years ago he showed that evolution has progressed by  'numerous graduations in acquired characteristics'   but there has never been an explanation as to the way in which this could have happened.  Scientists have always erroneously assumed that acquired characteristics cannot be passed on; not being aware that the characteristics are passed to the following generations by telepathic transmission.  We now see that there is a flow of information between members of each species whereby acquired characteristics are inherited, not only by a close relative, but eventually by the species.

       All this gives a possible insight into the evolution of species, particularly the evolution of inheritance, instinct and form; where evolution, driven by the collective unconscious needs and desires of individuals, flowing between members of the species, provides inherited variation which can then be tested by survival of the most prolific.  Many have suggested that there is a controlling power or mechanism which guides evolution. This idea of ‘guided evolution’has been around for some time, but till now, no mechanism has been evident.

     Science is at a loss to explain why we are so different to chimps while they share 98 % of our DNA,  or why a grain of rice has 50 % more genes than a human being.  Also what could possibly replace the discredited gradual mutation theory of Darwin, or why the neo-Darwinian idea, that the science of DNA will account for all details of growth and instinct, has failed?  Why is it that a collection of growing cells, organise themselves to form different parts of a body? How can inheritance work and how could each species have a well-defined program of instinctive behaviour?  These are all understandable in terms of information flow between members of each species and particularly between close relatives during the foetal stage of development, giving what we recognise as heredity.

 In the same way that variations in individual genes, the building blocks of heredity, are due to the mixing of the parents DNAs, which causes the inherited characteristics, so variations in DNA between members of each family create a mix of the inherited characteristics, which show up in each sub-species or race in the same way, giving a common pool of inheritance, identifying that race, from other races or sub-species.

It becomes apparent that the telepathic transfer of growth information from gene to gene, which controls the formation of cells, to form, habits, mannerisms, medical disorders or susceptibility and mental characteristics, in other words what it is and that makes any individual – individual, comes where necessary from close relatives, but also in the case of more general genes from any member of the species where that particular gene match is recognized.   It should be noted that identifiable human subspecies, known as planetary types, generally have birth times associated with their particular planet. This is not an effect of astrology but the effect of the individual child timing its own birth to coincide with peak biological information flow from other members of its subspecies.

 Molecular biology has shown us some of the complex chemistry associated with the way genes control cell division, but this is only the result of commands received from afar; it's not the chemistry that organises the changes, but the carrier information that directs the chemical changes. 

 Clearly, this is a new and radical approach to the big problem of molecular biology, explaining the method by which DNA and its genes grow correctly to form a new member of the species; but at the same time some of these genes, associated with parents and close family, create physical and mental coppies of that family.  This system we know as heredity.

During the evolution of plants the only successful species were those that showed prodigious diversity of form or chemistry, which led to the evolution of a huge range of plants with almost limitless sub species, leading to the co-evolution with insects, animals, and humans.  This we have used to our advantage by crossing, selecting and genetic engineering, for our food and medicine.  It should be noted that where there is a large diversity in a species creating a large number of subspecies, this leads to the necessity of a large number of genes which have been noted in genome studies, the reason for which appeared obscure.    

The older forms of fish, insects and reptiles, still show this diversity, whereas animals rely on the inheritance of acquired diverse characteristics, to create the necessary diversity.  As in all forms of life the subtle changes in genes and DNA, of each sub-species, determine growth by information flow from other members of that sub-species. This same information flow, in the higher forms of life, shows not only cell growth, but instinctive and telepathic information by the use of morphogenesis, morphic fields or Cytotelesis.  We have, unfortunately, little accepted vocabulary in this area.        

We should ask ourselves the question; is it reasonably possible that so much evidence that runs counter to science, when considered as a whole, can form a hypothesis which makes that evidence acceptable as science, while explaining at the same time so many other unanswered questions and anomalies?

   Before 1842 even wireless telephony would have been quite unthinkable until Samuel Morse discovered it quite by accident; but nobody believed him.  It took another 59 years before Marconi transmitted Morse code across the Atlantic, and radio was a reality.  Now, after another 100 years and using digital technology, we can see and talk to our friends across the world: but Mother Nature has done it for millions of years.



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